Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Gift of Christmas Past by Cindy Woodsmall


The Gift of Christmas Past(Woodsmall Press, October 2017)
Arson wasn’t the only fire that ignited between them.
Promises shattered.
Lies spoken.
She was arrested.
He returned to the safety of his wealthy parents.
Almost ten years later, Hadley and Monroe are both specialists in the field of speech therapy. They meet again . . . thrown together to help a four-year-old-girl rendered mute after being rescued from a fire.
Years of secrets and anger beg to be set free as Hadley and Monroe try to push aside past hurts and find common ground in order to help the traumatized child and her family.
Can the love of Christmas past drift into the present, bringing healing and hope for all?
My opinion: This was a heartwarming, well written book that will help get you into the spirit of Christmas. Such a heartwarming story about redemption and love lost and found. I loved the characters and how they really grow on you,they are flawed and yet very likable. I loved how this book had a lot more going on and really kept one engaged until the very end. Well written and fascinating this book was a great read. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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