Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mars...with Venus rising by Hope Doughtery



Mars . . . with Venus Rising(Pelican Book Group, August 2015)
A meddling horse, paper bag floors and a flying saucer on the town square. The little town of Mars has it all—including a brand new resident who might spell heartache for one of its own.
Twenty-something Penn Davenport yearns for an exciting life in the big city and wants to shed the label of orphan that she’s worn for years. To achieve that dream, she must pass the CPA exam then move away from the two aunts who reared her after her parents died in a plane crash.
When John Townsend—full of life and the joy of living—moves to town, he rattles Penn’s view of herself, her life, and her dreams…which isn’t such a bad thing until she falls for him and discovers he’s a pilot.
My opinion: This was a fun, light read with quirky, unique characters that are just plain interesting and like the people one would meet in any little town.I love how this book deals with overcoming ones fears . The recipes were a nice added bonus and I want to try some of them out! I received a copy of it in exchange for my honest opinion.

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