Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tying the Knot by Rob Green

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Tying The Knot: A Premarital Guide to a Strong and Lasting Marriage (New Growth Press, February 2016)
Advised by both tellers of fairy tales and harbingers of doom, many engaged couples simply don’t know what to expect from marriage, so they focus their anxious energies on the wedding day.
Rob Green, a pastor, counselor, and veteran of many premarital counseling sessions, shares that the joy, fun, companionship, and love couples hope for before marriage are not only possible, they are actually God’s plan for marriage. But none of these wonderful things happen automatically when you tie the knot. A strong and satisfying marriage must be intentionally built on Jesus.
Tying the Knot offers soon-to-be-married couples a practical vision of Christ-centered marriage that is realistic, hopeful, and actionable. This nine-session study guides couples through issues like conflict, expectations, communication, finances, and intimacy, showing how each can be successfully resolved with Christ at the center of the marriage.
Knowing the stresses and needs of a couple in their season of engagement, Green has helpfully designed the study to require a manageable (and healthy) 60 minutes of at-home work per session, with questions and exercises to build communication and intimacy at the end of each chapter. Tying the Knot also includes an appendix for mentors, making it easy for a married couple, lay leader, or counselor to lead an engaged couple through the book.
Field-tested and recommended by multiple counselors in a thriving counseling practice, Tying the Knot has already guided many couples into a stronger and more joyful union. Let this nine-week premarriage study reorient your life and marriage around Christ, so you both will experience all the blessings of marriage as God designed it.
My opinion: This little book is a wonderful little handbook for premarital counseling, it would be great for Pastor's to have on hand or an engaged couple to go through on their own. I like how the book is divided in between 9 session making it perfectly doable and very essential for a young couple preparing for marriage. This book handles a lot of the big issues that soon to be married couples really need to discuss and get on the same page about, issues like communication. finances, etc. In a world rift with divorce this book is a good resource to help couples get their journey started out on a firm foundation. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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