Monday, July 15, 2013

The Hero's Lot by Patrick Carr

Ever since finishing "A Cast of Stones" I have been anticipating the 2nd book in the Staff and Sword series,and the book did not disappoint! I find with many series that I adore the first book,but the other books fall flat in comparison,but that was not the case with "The Hero's Lot" and I found myself liking this book even better than the first one,which is saying a lot!

Errol Stone has come a long ways from being the village drunk to a powerful pawn in the hands of the church.Still,there are some days where he wishes he was still the village drunk as life was less complicated. Now Errol finds himself under a compulsion to kill Sarin Valon which seems like a suicide mission. Meanwhile Martin,Luis and Cruk go to Errol's birthplace to try to figure out the significance of Errol and how it will affect the future of the nation.

Some things I was not as crazy about: I thought the romance between Errol and Adora was lacking,there wasn't much build up or development to it,to be honest I liked the secondary characters romance better.
Another problem was that the book started out a bit slow,it took me a bit to get into it,but once I got into it I consumed the book as quickly as I could.

Some of my favorite things about this book: I really love how Patrick Carr has a complex,fascinating story line that he has developed,does it get confusing at times? Yes, and sometimes it is hard keeping all of the characters straight,but you have appreciate the fact that there really is a great story going on and that it is well thought out and deep.
I also love how Patrick Carr actually developed secondary characters,so many authors don't do anything with other characters,which really makes books very dull, but Patrick Carr did a fabulous job developing various characters and not just focusing on one person which made the book all the more delightful!

I highly recommend this book and cannot say enough how I am beyond thrilled with the series so far and am greatly anticipating the final book in the trilogy, due out early 2014!

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House publishing for my honest opinion.

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