Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer's List by Anita Higman

Summer’s List
Summer’s List (River North, June 2015)
A dying wish alters the course of a young woman’s life.
Life hadn’t been easy for Summer Snow. In acts of selflessness-caring for her ailing parents and running her grandmother’s bookstore-she had forfeited her youth and dreams for the needs of others. And the only tries she had at love… didn’t turn out. She had the bookstore, she had her beloved granny, but she was missing something-or someone.
Opportunity strikes when Granny sends Summer on an unexpected adventure with one Martin Langtree, a kind but gangly young man from Summer’s past. A childhood friendship is rekindled, a romance is sparked, and mysteries are solved in one magical Texas summer. Will Summer strike out on love again, or will things finally go her way?
My opinion: This book deals with a young woman living others dreams, realizing that she needs to live out her own. I really enjoyed the character of Summer, she is one who is not always sure of herself and yet blossoms as the book goes on which I enjoyed watching.  This book was a very entertaining read, filled with some great characters ( I absolutely loved her Granny, she was such a character) and I loved the sweet romance develop between the two characters. All in all a very good read! I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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