Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Women of Courage by Wanda Brunstetter

I have not gotten into Wanda Brunstetter books before in the past so I was skeptical that I would enjoy her newest book "Women of Courage" but I was delighted to find that it was an excellent read and  that I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Amanda Pearson is a young Quaker women who,after getting jilted right before her wedding,sets out to the West coast to be a missionary to the Indians. Her journey is fraught with many discouragement and dangers and when she is brought into the home of a young Indian woman, Mary, and her trapper husband Amanda is quick to share the gospel with them. Also nearby is a young half Indian trapper,Buck, who is skeptical of the Christian faith after being shown cruelty at the hand of a "Christian". As Amanda gets to know the new people in her life she is quick to see that God moves in mysterious ways, but will he answer the prayers of her heart as she begins to fall in love with someone who does not share her faith?

I really enjoyed this book,it had a great message and I liked how it told the story from several different points of view and was realistic without giving too many details. At times it felt like an awful lot of bad things happened to Amanda and Mary,but when you think about it times were hard and it was probably fairly accurate in the portrayal of how bad it probably was.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good historical fiction that is enjoyable and engaging to read.

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