Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Queen's Handmaid by Tracy Higley

This is the first book by Tracy Higley I have read and I really enjoyed it and plan on reading some of her other books because I enjoyed "The Queen's handmaid" so much.
Lydia is a young women who knows nothing of her past. As a servant to Cleopatra she lives her life in fear of her displeasure.When a dear friend Simon is killed and entrusts her with a great secret her life is forever changed. As Lydia leaves with Herod the Great to be servant to his soon-to-be wife Mariamma she is thrust into a world of deceit and lies and is not sure she will make it out of it all alive. As Lydia learns about her past she quickly learns that there is one who holds her future and that no matter what happens she must learn to trust in him.

For anyone who enjoys wonderful historical fiction this is a great read! It was well researched and engaging,really bringing history to life.Reading about the various characters made me want to learn about them so it caused me to get more into the history of that time period and the fascinating and tragic characters from then.

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