Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dating,Dining and Desperation by Melody Carlson

I have always enjoyed Melody Carlson's books as they are enjoyable,easy reads with a good message and the 2nd book about Daphne Ballinger was no exception.
When we left Daphne in the first book it was looking like she was well on her way to fulfilling the stipulations of her Aunt/ Grandma's request to be married within a year as things were beginning to develop with her and her lawyer Jake, but just when she thought things were getting serious Jake abruptly leaves on vacation without telling her and she finds out his ex-wife went along too,is it possible she was reading into something that never existed?
As Daphne tries to navigate her love life, the grand entrance of a new neighbor and a motherless little girl threatens to overturn her already crazy life.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next book in the series,as always it kept me guessing about who Daphne will end up with, which is in no way resolved in this book!
The only down side to the book is the fact that there are a ton of guys coming out of the woodwork in this book,I cannot believe someone who only had one serious relationship suddenly has 5+ guys interested in her,still the book is a charming read and it does not turn me off from the story at all.

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