Monday, June 10, 2013

The Dance by Gary Smalley and Dan Walsh

The Dance by Gary Smalley and Dan Walsh is the first book in a new series called "Restoration" which follows different members of the Anderson family as they seek to restore their marriages. Marilyn Anderson leaves her husband Jim after 27 years of marriage,she is not sure what she wants but she knows that after years of being ignored and neglected that she has had enough. Jim Anderson is a successful businessman who thought life was going pretty good...until his wife up and leaves. As Jim and Marilyn strive to figure out what went wrong in their marriage and whether or not they can save their marriage,people are brought into their lives to show them that their marriage is something worth fighting for.

This was a wonderful book that I highly recommend! I have read of Gary Smalley's non-fiction books and have really enjoyed them,so it was delightful reading a fiction book based on his marriage counseling principals. I loved how the book talked about how marriage is like a dance and how our fears is what causes us to push each others buttons (or steps on their toes) and how changing partners will not change the problems,but you need to learn to dance with your partner.
I think any couple who has been married for any amount of time will find some encouragement and ideas in this book!

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