Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Chalice by Nancy Bilyeau

The Chalice is the 2nd book by Nancy Bilyeau and as with the first book in the series " The Crown" I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book is a historical mystery and is set in the days of King Henry VIII. Joanna Stafford is trying to rebuild her life along with the other displaced nuns and monks after their monasteries and abbeys are closed down. As Joanna tries to figure out what her role is in the prophecy that has been told to her by three different people and what her role is in the instance of the chalice which is also a part of that prophecy.

This was an interesting,good historical fiction. In many ways I liked the first book better,but overall this was a good continuation of an intriguing story written by an author that does an excellent job at bringing history to life with rich historical detail.
Unlike most of the books that I read this was not Christian,but overall it was quite clean and because of Joanna being a former nun it mentions Christianity in a positive light.

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