Friday, January 11, 2013

Lost and Found by Ginny Yttrup

I am finding that Ginny Yttrup is quickly becoming one of my favorite Christian authors. Her style of writing is lyrical and sucks you right in and the things she writes about are ones that most people struggle with.
Jenna Bouvier appeared to have it all, beauty, wealth, a loving husband. But when her beauty and then her husband are taken from her and she is left with a very controlling mother-in-law who is accusing Jenna of having an affair. Will Jenna learn to trust in God even when it feels like He has taken everything away from you and you have nowhere to turn?
Andee Bell seems to have her life together,she has worked her way to becoming a very rich business women, when she falls in love with Jenna's brother she is afraid that some decisions she made will jeopardize their relationship,will she be able to find love and peace?

As I said before Ginny Yttrup is a fairly new author with 3 books under her belt, two of which I have read and thoroughly enjoyed. They are not happy-ever-after type books, but deal with real issues and really make you think about your relationship with the Lord and what you would do in the characters situations. 

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