Friday, January 11, 2013

Gone to Ground by Brandilyn Collins

Yet again Brandilyn Collins delivers an exciting, thrilling, page turning book. I am always excited when she comes out with a new book as they are sure to not disappoint.
This book is about small town Amaryllis where everyone knows each other and it is a safe place to live...or is it? In the past 3 years 5 murders were committed, everyone likes to think it was someone from out of town, but was it someone that the women knew? When a sixth murder is committed 3 women in town are terrified that they know who did it, but which of them is right and will they find out who the real murder is before he silences them forever?

Brandilyn Collins is one of the top notch Christian mystery/suspense authors out there and this book does not disappoint. I highly recommend this long as  you are not home alone while reading it.:)

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