Thursday, June 7, 2012


I am out of school for the summer,so here is to hoping that I will actually get on here more often.*smile*
Of course in a little over a week Aunt Dori and the kids will be coming out so I am thinking that quite possibly things will be crazy all summer.
I was going to take an online College Algebra class to finish up my Associates,but after being in it for less than a week I realized I was in way over my head and opted out to take an easier math class at MWSU once I transfer.

Speaking of school,I sign up for classes next week and am not looking forward to it.The signing up for classes thing I am okay with,the sitting around half the day listening to the school give their spiel about how awesome they are,etc is what I am not looking forward to.I went to this thing with Chris 2 years ago so it will be a deja vu and one I am not looking forward to.I have all of my classes figured out so it will hopefully go quickly and efficiently without any problems.
I am a bit nervous about starting school up in the Fall.I am hoping working full time and taking 18-19 credits will mesh well and will not leave me overwhelmed.

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  1. Some of the blue words on here are hard to see with the back ground color.:P
    They don't feed you when you go to sign up for classes? I can't believe Chris didn't return the favor by going with you to sign up.;) I suppose he got off because he was working? lol.
    I know you will do just fine with school! It's an adventure.:D