Wednesday, June 13, 2012

School and Kindles

Well I am officially signed up for classes.Yesterday I was at MWSU for most of the day and it was a long drawn out day in which I learned nothing and had to do pretty much everything myself.The only benefit being that I actually met a wonderful girl,Lindsey, who I have heaps in common with and will hopefully run into while at school.
Really though,the rest of the day was a complete waste,I did not even get to meet a Professor from my majors! I did have to go to the Math Department so I could get signed up for my math class and let me tell you,all of the professors looked grumpy! Or maybe it was just me being grumpy because being at the math department was the last place I wanted to be.:)
The best thing about my day was being told by a parents I am super organized and they wanted their son to be my study buddy,I thought that was flattering and I do try to be organized because the school certainly is no on the ball.

I am hoping to get a Kindle before too long,Chris wants to get me one for my birthday,but I *think* I can hold out until Black Friday so we could get a better deal.I guess it all depends on if I am able to review books like Amanda has been doing,if BookSneeze or one of the other companies allows me to review for them then I would be in a much bigger hurry to get my Kindle.:)

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  1. I hope they aren't as grumpy as they appear...

    A Kindle would be cool. My bro. has one and seems to like it.

    Do you get paid for reviews?