Monday, September 6, 2010

Holidays are happy days.

I am relishing having tonight off of school as it gives me extra time to work on the house and catch up on everything else that I have been falling behind on. I am also hugely relieved because I have most of my rough draft for my English paper done and it is not due until Wednesday so that is a huge weight off of my shoulder.

This week is shaping up to be another crazy week full of work,school,playing the piano on Sunday and getting my house ready for one of Amanda's bridal showers that I will be hosting. I am going to be having Friday's off instead of Wednesday as we are switching our gluten free baking day which I think will be for the better,it still makes for a long week though.:) On my day off I am going to go with Chris to school and do some shopping while he is there and then hopefully sometime we can go to the gym and have fun.:)

I am trying to keep on top of couponing and staying on a budget,so far so good.I set aside $40 a week for groceries and household items and so far I usually have money left over at the end of each week,granted we do not go out to eat much (less then once a month) and we do eat at his parents or my parents 1-3 times a week so that helps the grocery bill for us,I am sure both sets of parents haven't seen to much of a decrease in their food bill since we have moved out....

I have been starting to collect some free stuff I have gotten here and there and am thinking about donating it to the local food pantry but I am wondering if their is perhaps someone in the church or something that could use some of the items,not sure how I can find out but I have this nagging feeling that their is so much need even in the church and we should be helping one another out more.