Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So many blessings

Life has been crazy busy here lately and I am so looking forward to this week being over,not so much for myself but for Chris who is doing finals this week so he has of course been stressed and it seems like everything else is needing to be done this week on top of finals (but life is always like that,isn't it? When it rains it pours).
But despite the busyness of life we have been incredibly blessed here lately,I need to be better about recording my blessings so I will share a few here.

First off we are incredibly blessed to have another vehicle which is heaps more fuel efficient then our Suburban.We kept looking for a Honda or a Toyota but even for older vehicles they were a bit pricey so a friend of ours (and our mechanic) was saying how good Saturns are,they are nothing special but he has owned 5 of them and has not had any big problems with them so we starting looking at Saturns and very quickly found a 2002 Saturn which was in our price range and had low mileage,plus it was very fuel efficient. So we bought it and now  it is getting some repairs and we are *hopefully* going to be getting it this weekend which we are very excited about.:)
Another huge blessing as far as the vehicle goes is that Dan (they guy who is fixing it up for us) was able to find all of the body panel parts for the car that we need for the price of what one would of cost new,talk about a huge blessing for us and we will be saving A LOT of money thanks to that blessing.

Another huge blessing is that we got some reimbursement for school so we set that aside and now how our emergency fund set up as well as 3-6 months of savings so that is pretty exciting.We may not have much but at least we have money in the bank which is a good feeling.:) 

I am also very,very blessed with a fabulous husband,sure we have our fights and we both are not anywhere close to perfect,but he is very sweet and always tells me that what makes him happy is when I am happy,and he really means it.:) Today my darling husband tried to get up ever so quietly and turned off my alarm so I could sleep in and then he was going to make me breakfast in bed but I got up too soon.
I feel incredibly blessed to have such a sweet and thoughtful husband,God is good!