Thursday, April 15, 2010

Updating our Kitchen

So we have been very,very blessed with a gorgeous house that is so wonderful and I love it so much but one of the first things I am dying to do is do something about these very dated and ugly cabinets! Chris is very much against painting wood as he likes the look of natural wood but even he is in favor of painting these cabinets so that tells you just how bad they are.:)
So we are thinking that we will be painting them in hopes that they will make them better and between that and changing out the hardware on them they will *hopefully* look quite nice.
Of course we are going to be doing this on a very tight budget which I have to keep reminding myself of as I am looking up websites for ideas as some of those kitchens are simply gorgeous but cost a arm and a leg for sure,this website had me drooling for as I am hoping to decorate our kitchen in a French Country theme,but all of those kitchens are anything but budget friendly for sure.:) Methinks I need to be looking at more budget friendly websites.....

Oh,here were some very good ideas and this one only cost $17 and it looks really cute.I am inspired.:) These two and are really cute too although I am not sure I would have the cabinets without doors and your dishes showing,it is a really cute idea and but I am not sure I am that daring.:)

So I have visions of a new and improved kitchen floating through my head.If anyone has any ideas,suggestions or websites they just love I am open to hear them.Especially if they have anything to do with saving money.

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