Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mad ramblings

A Severe MercyI am so happy to finally be reading more again.After being so busy with wedding plans and trying to get everything together it feels so delicious to once again be diving into reading. I was quite afraid my brain had turned to mush.:)
I am currently reading 'A Severe Mercy' by Sheldon Vanauken which is a excellent true life love story and the fact that Sheldon was a friend of C.S. Lewis certainly does not hurt anything.:)
I really like how Sheldon and Davy (his wife) had a 'Shining Banner' in their marriage and how they set out goals from the very start on ways to keep their marriage going strong,a proactive approach which was ingenious.
So it is inspiring me to do better about not getting busy with life and letting Chris fall in my priorities which even now is easy to do as it seems like life has already hit us full force and  sometimes it seems like I barely see Chris. So just being reminded about what is really important and being reminded to up our own Shining Banner is what I am gleaning from 'A Severe Mercy' so far.

Chris and I are looking for another vehicle,a more fuel efficient vehicle  as even though we both love Lysander (our beloved Chevy Suburban who I affectionately named from 'A Midsummers Night's Dream' which is character Chris played when he was in grade school) he really does not do good things to our budget as he is a horrible gas guzzler.But Chris does need him for mowing so he is a necessity,we just have hardly gone anywhere because he gets 14 gpa on a good day.
So we went to the Tow Lot auction on Tuesday and got nothing but are looking at craigs list and are praying to find the best car for us,right now we are thinking a Honda Civic or Accord but whatever comes along would be fine.:)

I have been thinking a lot here lately about what opportunities I have to share with other about Jesus and how many I have not grabbed a hold of for fear of being labeled 'weird' or 'strange' and yet some of the people I admire the most are people who are valiant in their testimony and are excellent witnesses.They do it in such a way that is genuine and real because God is a BIG part of their lives so it spills over and they can't not share about Him.
So it makes me want to strive to be a better witness and a real,genuine Christian not a phony,their are plenty of them around,but someone who is known for being loving,kind,gentle,willing to help anyone,not judgmental and real.I have so far to go but that  is what what I  want to strive to be.

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